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Technical Support


Today, the TEKCAST Spin-Casting System fulfills production and prototyping requirements for customers around the world.


Now in more than 50 countries, the rapidly growing TEKCAST family of customers is spread throughout North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the New Zealand - Australia area.


TEKCAST is totally committed to making Centrifugal Rubber Mold Spin-Casting an increasingly important tool for Prototype, Product Development and Manufacturing throughout the world. Therefore, TEKCAST provides distribution and technical service worldwide. No matter where you are located, you are assured of a continuing relationship with TEKCAST which will maximize the Productivity, Performance, Efficiency and Price Effectiveness of your TEKCAST system.




With its systems, TEKCAST provides comprehensive, fully-illustrated instruction manuals covering equipment operation and the complete Spin-Casting technology.


Also available to TEKCAST customers are our comprehensive Instructional DVD/Video's and Tutorial Training Molds. Many of our customers with little or no prior metal casting or plastic molding experience successfully install our systems, prepare molds, and move into production with little or no direct assistance form us.


However, making Spin-Casting rubber molds, though much easier and faster than making molds for competitive processes, does have its own techniques. Therefore, to assure our customers of early top-quality results from their TEKCAST system, each year we conduct several FORMAL TRAINING SEMINARS, (one-two weeks long). Held at our corporate headquarters, they are conducted by our highly experienced instructors who first teach the basic principles and practices of system operation and mold making. The seminars then include extensive, individual guided, hands-on mold making and Spin-Casting using our customers' own parts. Because TEKCAST mold making and Spin-Casting techniques are easy to learn, seminar attendees do not need a technical background. TEKCAST Seminar Students have a broad range of working backgrounds and come from every continent.


These seminars are offered to all purchasers of TEKCAST systems and may be attended immediately prior to or after delivery. Special arrangements may also be made for full in-plant training programs.




 • Complete Technology Transfer Capabilities
 • Local and In-House Training Programs
 • Expert Personal Services and Technical Support


Our Distributors are prepared to demonstrate the TEKCAST Centrifugal Rubber Mold Spin-Casting Process, deliver complete systems, and maintain local stocks of TEKSIL mold-making materials and all TEKCAST supplies. They will assist you in specifying the correct equipment and materials to match your company's specific requirements.