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TEKCAST Training Video

Part Number T08-595
TEKCAST Training Video
TEKCAST Training Video
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TEKCAST TRAINING DVD/VIDEO -A Comprehensive Training Program



Five hours of comprehensive training on all aspects of Spin Casting - Step-by-Step instruction covering mold making and casting procedures. Topics cover a variety of mold making and casting conditions. You will follow the preparation and completion of a special multi-cavity training mold. The type of parts chosen for this specially designed training mold are similar to what you may expect to encounter on spin-casting projects.


PACKAGE INCLUDES - 5 Hours of VIDEO or DVD Instruction. Available in either a 2 cassette Video Tape format or a set of 2 DVD's; Detailed instruction on all aspects of Rubber Mold making and Spin Casting. (This Item Number does not include the mold/models pkg)


Covers techniques and tips for a variety of different parts:


• Automotive carburetor gas jet with unusual parting lines
• Belt buckle requiring special side gating techniques
• Complex industrial part with undercuts
• Large furniture hardware pull with unusual parting line locations and difficult to fill areas
• Large industrial machine housing which utilizes both pre-vulcanized TEKSIL silicone rubber slab core sections and a


TEKSIL rubber pull core
• Drawer pull with a non-symmetrical, severely curved parting line
• Small industrial precision gear requiring special techniques to avoid gating into gear teeth
• Industrial pulley with pull-out side core sections and top-gating to produce a part with no gate locations on the edges or sides of the pulley
• Fishing lure with unusual curvatures.


Learn Moldmaking from The Experts .....At Your Own Pace!


A comprehensive, easy to follow, detailed instructional training program on Rubber Moldmaking and Spin-Casting techniques from TEKCAST's Training and Technical Service Department. With over 35 years of experience specializing only in Spin-casting, we have the most highly regarded spin casting experts and training specialists in this field.

This 5 hour instructional program will throughly train you in a step by step process. Learn proper rubber moldmaking, gating, venting and metal spin-casting techniques. Topics covered include the correct approach to use when casting metal alloys for industrial, hardware, mechanical and decorative related parts. Clearly demonstrates the most advanced spin-casting methods, materials and procedures used in rubber moldmaking today. It features up-to-date detailed instructions on techniques used by top moldmakers and spincasters throughout the industry.

After viewing this educational DVD/ video, you will approach spincasting projects with a much higher level of confidence and guaranteed improved results in your final casting quality and economics. Copyright 2005.


Special discount pricing for Tekcast system owners. Training materials are electronically copy protected. 

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