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Series 100-D Digital Control TEKCASTER

Light-years ahead of our competitorsí top-load models!

Available in sizes: of 12 inch, 18 inch and 20 inch diameter

Configurable to voltages: 110, 220 Volts

Designed for Efficiency! Unmatched Quality

The TEKCAST Series 100-D TEKCASTER showcases Precision Digital Controls matched with TEKCASTís patented Front-Loading Design.

These combined features make the 100-D TEKCASTER the easiest to use, simplest and least fatiguing Spin-Caster available.

VERSATILE: The larger size TEKCASTERs offer a greater degree of casting flexibility, as they allow you a broader choice of mold sizes to work with, and readily accept smaller size molds.Designed and Manufactured to the highest standards in the United States.

ECONOMICAL: Compared to our competitorís Top-Loading models, operators of a "Front Loading" 100-D TEKCASTER can expect 25-50% increase in their production capabilities over top loading models. This is further enhanced by the improved consistency of production afforded by digital microprocessor controls.

SIMPLY THE BEST: Our machines are designed to afford you the fewest and most basic steps towards producing your own high-quality castings. Itís as simple as 1-2-3! Ė Precision parts in just MINUTES! Open door and insert the mold Close door and set RPM, Pressure and Cycle Time on the digital control panel Press start and pour your casting material in through the top All TEKCASTER units have the additional advantage that all mold handling is performed at waist level. Normal operation of our competitorís machines requires fatiguing or even dangerous lifting of molds and/or cover plates.

Features: (Includes All the Features of our Analog Series 100-A TEKCASTER)

  • Patented, Ergonomic, Front Loading Design ** A TEKCAST EXCLUSIVE

  • Full Body Stand Alone Design

  • Automatic Mold Centering **A TEKCAST EXCLUSIVE

  • Dynamic Electronic Safety Brake

  • "Easy-Start Reference Chart" Listing Mold Casting Parameters on Control Panel **A TEKCAST EXCLUSIVE

  • Optional - EZ-Mold Slide Plate **A TEKCAST EXCLUSIVE

    Plus These Additional Features:

  • Digital Control Panel and Readout

  • Visual and Audible Pour Indicator

  • Automatic or Manual Start

  • Quick and Easy Finger Touch Controls

  • Comprehensive Training Manuals Included