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Part Number T07-P-SC325-1
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Smooth-Cast™ 325 ColorMatch™ is a new fast-cast resin that was developed specifically for adding color pigments and fillers to achieve true color representation or filler effect.


A small amount of "SO-STRONG" color tint is all it takes to make your castings jump with vibrant color!


The ColorMatch™ Series is formulated "color neutral". Small amounts of pigment will yield accurate, vivid colors from cured castings (use of Smooth-On pigments is highly recommended). The ColorMatch™ Series has a very low viscosity and requires no degassing.


Demold times range from about 10 minutes to 2-4 hours
(depending on product, mass and mold configuration). SC 325 offers the convenience of a 1A: 1B mix ratio by volume. Additional Color Match 326 & 327 resins are available. The differences between them are longer pot life and demold time.


SC 325 also readily accepts fillers. Because of its neutral color, SC 325 is ideal for creating marble and wood grain casting effects, or duplicating the look of real metal by adding bronze, brass or other metal powder (see Smooth-On technical bulletin for metal cold casting). Applications for the ColorMatch™ Series plastics include making pigmented prototype models or figures, special effect props, reproducing small to medium size sculptures, decorative jewelry, etc..

Pot Life: 2 minutes

Mix Ratio: 1A to 1B

Hardness: 72 D


Available in:


  • One Gallon


  • Five Gallons


  • Fifty Five Gallons