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SMOOTH CAST 300 /5 Gal A,1 Gal B /KIT

Part Number T07-P-SC300-5
SMOOTH CAST 300 /5 Gal A,1 Gal B /KIT
SMOOTH CAST 300 /5 Gal A,1 Gal B /KIT
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Smooth-Cast 300
-An outstanding general purpose casting resin. Easy to mix, pours like water and will duplicate      details exactly.


SOLD IN:1 Gallon Kits (1 gallon part A /1 gallon part B) to DRUM KIT sizes


Description: Fast-Setting White Liquid Plastic


Mix Ratio: 1A to 1B by volume
Pot Life: 3 Minutes
Hardness: 70D


Available in:


  • One Gallon


  • Five Gallons


  • Fifty Five Gallons