New Venture Casting Factory 120V 50/60HZ

Part Number T01-NVCF-1
New Venture Casting Factory 120V 50/60HZ
New Venture Casting Factory 120V 50/60HZ
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TEKCAST NEW VENTURE DIGITAL CASTING FACTORY, is a complete professional production casting system capable of casting lead, tin alloys (pewter), plastics, or wax patterns. This compact equipment is designed specifically to allow the entrepreneurial jeweler, craftsman, or fishing lure manufacturer to get started in business at home on a limited budget. It can be easily setup on any table with access to a 115 volt outlet, no special services such as compressed air are required. When not in use it can be stored in a closet.


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• DIGITAL DC CASTING MACHINE—Capable of casting standard 9" diameter rubber molds. It features a 1/6 HP DC motor, digital RPM meter belt drive, variable speed, heavy gauge steel construction with hinged safety lid, lifting handles, and splash shields.


• MOLD VULCANIZATION PRESSURE UNIT/MOLD FRAME—For vulcanizing a 9" diameter rubber mold.


• VULCANIZING PRESSURE VESSEL HEATING UNIT- —The 1100 watt heating unit is constructed of thick aluminum plate and high efficiency insulation on a steel base. The control box, containing a timer and electronic temperature controller, is attached to the base, making a compact, easily transported unit.


• MELTING POT—This melting pot can melt 20 lbs. of lead or 13 lbs. of tin. It contains a built in temperature controller with a heat-up time of approximately 35 minutes. 115 volts.


• THERMAL LEATHER GLOVES—Thermal gloves are essential for removing the hot mold frame from the vulcanizer.


• LEATHER PALM CASTING GLOVES—These gloves have a heavy leather palm to protect hands while casting.


• KNIFE HANDLES AND BLADES BP#25 Blades for #6 handle


• THERMOMETER—200°F-1000°F—This is used to check the temperature of molten metal during casting.


• MS-122 DF—Dry film spray release for your models.


• SLIDE—Silicone mold release for mold frame.


• SMALL LOCK NUTS—Locators for molding.


• LISTO MARKING PEN—This pen is for marking vulcanized molds for identification.


• BURNISHING TOOL—The burnishing tool is used for sealing raw rubber during the mold making process.


• 8" DIVIDERS—Dividers are used for scribing lines on the rubber during the mold making process.


• 2" CASTING LADLE—The ladle is for delivering molten metal from the melting pot to the casting machine.


• PRESSURE VESSEL OPENING TOOL—This is used to open the hot pressure vessel.


• CASTING TALC—Casting talc is used for powdering the mold.


• CENTER PLUG—The center plug is used in mold making to form a center sprue gate.


• DEGREE GAUGE—This mm degree gauge is used for measuring the thickness of models.


• 10 Sets of 50D/09 red silicone rubber mold discs.


• Optional 1 1/2" x 9" Mold Ring—This allows you to make thicker molds to accommodate models up to 1-1/2" thick.