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Fishing Lure Manufacturing

Fishing lure bodies are not nearly as complex as the sample parts shown in our website photos. However, these sample plastic and metal parts demonstrate that any shape can be efficiently mass produced using TEKCAST rubber mold centrifugal spin casting systems, equipment and materials. The "Front Loading" TEKCASTER offers fishing tackle manufactures unmatched ease of use coupled with a much higher production output.




For many years now Spin Casting has been the conventional system of choice when casting lead ballast onto fish hooks for small jig making such as crappie jigs and many other style variations. It is also the primary system for mass producing spinner bait style wireform lure heads.



Now with the easy availability of RTV Rubbers, Silicone & Organic Mold compounds and a wide range of Thermoset Plastics; Spincasting systems make it possible to produce thousands of parts per day with high cost per part efficiency and relative low cost for the initial set up. Cast parts accurately reproduce surface details. Rubber Molds readily accept inserts and finished parts can be plated or painted. A complete casting workshop can be set up in a 9x10' area.

TEKCAST Industries Inc. provides extensive training in the use of equipment, materials and technology via the TEKCAST website, comprehensive “How-to” Manuals, and DVD/ video training presentations. For specific product questions please contact our technical sales department.