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Basic TEKCAST System


What's Included in a Basic TEKCAST Spin Casting System?


Casting and Mold Making Equipment


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TEKCASTER Front-Loading Casting Machine  


3 Post Vulcanizer




Melting Furnace (Gas or Electric)




NOTE: Depending upon your application, the TEKCAST Vulcanizer or Melting Furnace may not be necessary


The Following Supplies are Recommend for a Complete Turn-Key Setup


Supplies - Mold Materials
TEKSIL Silicone Rubber   Organic Black Rubber



- Different mold compounds are suitable for different projects


- Contact us if you are unsure which compound is right for you!



Supplies - Casting Materials
Thermoset Plastic   Metal Casting Alloys



What material will you be casting in?


If you are unsure, Contact Us!, we have experienced production mold-makers and metallurgists on staff to help you determine what's right for your individual project.




Wondering what a TEKCAST system will cost? Download the following Sample Quotes of our most popular configurations.


12" System Sample Quote


18" System Sample Quote


20" System Sample Quote  


Recommended Accessories Page


Want something different? Contact us for a custom system quotation.