12" Digital TWINCASTER - 120V

Part Number T01-1612T-D1
12" Digital TWINCASTER - 120V
12' Digital TWINCASTER - 120V
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Our TWINCASTER possesses all of the advantages of the Series 100 Front-Loading Spin-Caster packaged into a unique, production-optimized casting station.



Compared to competing automatic or semi-automatic casting stations, this double casting system can operate simultaneously or independently, saving time and providing the operator increased flexibility. The larger size TEKCASTER's offer a greater degree of casting flexibility, as they allow you a broader choice of mold sizes to work with, and readily accept smaller size molds.


Designed for Efficient, High Quality Performance.


The TEKCAST TWINCASTER is designed as a high quality, high performance alternative to imported multi-station automatic casting systems. The compact design and simultaneous operation provides twice as many parts per casting cycle in a fraction of the space. Expect double the production, and 50-80% less cost compared to competing bulky multi-station units.


SIMPLY THE BEST: Our machines are designed to afford you the fewest and most basic steps towards producing your own high-quality castings.


It’s as simple as 1-2-3! – Precision parts in just MINUTES!


1. Open door and insert the mold


2. Close door and set RPM, Pressure and Cycle Time.


3. Press start and pour your casting material in through the top.


All TEKCASTER units have the additional advantage that all mold handling is performed at waist level. Normal operation of our competitor’s machines requires fatiguing or even dangerous lifting of molds and/or cover plates.


Consider these advantages.......



  • All the Great Features of Our Series 100-D, A, TEKCASTER units

  • Plus the following Improvements:


  • Double Production


  • Produce twice as many parts per casting cycle


  • Reduced Labor Costs


  • Only one operator is required to run both stations on the TWINCASTER


  • Significant Cost Savings


  • Less costly than two single station units. 50-80% cheaper than any imported 2,3,6 or 8 station (semi)automatic caster.


  • Versatile Space Saving Design


  • Uses the same amount of space normally required for one conventional Spin-Caster


  • Optional - EZ-Mold Slide Plate **A TEKCAST EXCLUSIVE